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Speech Writing : Impact of Excess Access of Social Websites - Writing Skill

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Speech Writing


Impact of Excess Access of Social Websites





Good morning honable principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates, here I have presented to express my view with you something about "Impact of Excess Access of social websites. Friends, social websites provide a plateform that allows social interaction. It has both bad and good impact on a person. Now a days social media is growing very fast throughout the word such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and instagram etc. It is very helpfull tool in changing a person's life in order to positive and negative. It is used at large scale for education students and also they discuss on social issues. It is also used for people entertainment as well as communicating people cross the world. 

    Social networking websites have impressed the youth too much these days. Technologies and it's other offers have fascinated and attracted our youth and teenagers. They have addicted of surfing and chatting on social websites till late  night. As result they are unable to concentrate on their study. They neither actively join the class nor they study at home. This habbit makes them passive at all. I think students should use this social sites for positive use and for limited time.



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