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CBSE And NCERT Solutions:

Report Writing : Format of report writing - Writing Skill

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Student's BagWriting SkillReport Writing⇒Format of report writing

Report Writing


Format of report writing


Report Or Factual Description


  • Heading/Title (align: Center) 
  • Name of the Reporter/Writer (align: Left) 
  • Date and Place (align: Left) 

Body Contents: Report should be writen in various para like: 

  • Para I – Introductory para: about event's day, date, place, what (Topic) , timings.
  • Para II – Brief detail:  about of the place/cause/consequence/effects/guests/
  • Para III – Main Body:  activities/name people involved
  • Para IV – Finalising report: messages/Promises by authorities/statement of people.


Report Writing 

Practice Material for Practice 

Q1. You are Shubham/Surbhi student of class XI. You visited Shimla during the educational tour organized by Directorate of Education, Delhi. The toy train you boarded from Kalka delighted you the most. Write an account of your journey in 150 words.
Q2. Give brief discussion of your visit to the Parliament House where the session was going on in 150 words, giving details of the venue, security, behavior of the Members of Parliament, role of ministers and opposition leader etc.
Q3. Akshit/Akshita wants to celebrate his/her birthday in a hotel on a grand scale. His/Her mother gives instructions for organizing the function. Use the input. Write the instruction in 150 words.
Q4. Youngsters have fallen a prey to video-games on computer as well in Malls. They waste a lot of time in playing these games which are full of violent actions. They neglect their study and bunk the classes. Write your view in 100-150 words you are Vaibhav/Vaishali.
Q5. Last week you were encountered with a frightening experience when you were watching the English movie on your T.V. write your experience in 150 words.
Q6. You are Sunita. You and your friends have same harrowing tales of the sufferings of girls at the hands of greedy dowry seekers. Capture your experiences on “Evils of Dowry System” in about 150-200 words.
Q7. Write an article for a newspaper in about 150-200 words about incidents of Crime against Women. You are Pooja/Prem of DPS, R.KPuram, New Delhi.

Q8. When you were driving back home from work, you were witness to an accident between B.M.W. and on Indigo Car. The driver of BMW can was seriously injured where as out of 5 inmates of Indigo car three had died on the spot and two were critical in the hospital. There was confusion and chaos prevailing on the road, describe the scene in about 100 to 125 words. You are Sameer/Samiksha.

Q9. You are Sanjay/Sanjana a reporter with the Indian Express. You witnessed a fire accident in a crowded market of Delhi. Write a report to be published in the news paper. Invent details. (100 – 125 words)

Q10. You are Sahitya/Sahida, a senior consultant (Child education) in Jaideep school management and trust. You organised a seminar on Right to education act for teachers and students. You invited educationists and sociologists to talk on the topic of right to free and compulsory education to children in age brackets of 6-14 years, problems and implications. Write a report in about 125 words on it for trust’s magazine.

Q11. You are Neha/Narayan, head of the history club of ASN Public School Janakpuri, Delhi. Your School organised Heritage awareness programme in your school to create awareness regarding our monuments. Write a report in about 125 words for your school magazine, giving details of the programme.

Q12. You are Shweta/Sahitya head of the health and wellness club of GTB school Shalimar Bagh. Your club organised a seminar to make students aware about alarming use of chemicals in vegetables and fruits. Experts from medical field and consumer forum were invited to answer the queries of the audience. Write a report in about 125 words for your school magazine.

Q13. You are Geet/Geeta, President of cultural Committee of JPS school Kalyanpuri. Your school organised a cultural evening in the school for charity. Prominent personalities of the city attended the programme. Write a report on it in about 125 words for publishing it in your school magazine.

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