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CBSE And NCERT Solutions:

Paragraphs Writing : Short Paragraphs - Writing Skill

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Paragraphs Writing


Short Paragraphs


Short Paragraphs


1. The Season I like most


All seasons come once in a cycle of one year. There are three important seasons in our country - summer, winter, and the rainy season. December and January are the coolest month and May and June are the hottest month of year. July and August brings heavily rains. Each season has its pleasure and pain. In India, the months of February and March. Are very pleasures and bring happiness with many festivals. This season is called ‘spring’. The season spring I like the most. It is neither hot nor cold. It is the season of greenery, flowers, fruits, and festivals. The wind blows in its special way like playing with trees and having green leaves plants. It sings when passes through branches and leaves of trees and plants. In this season I feel healthy and fit.


2. A scene in the Bazaar


A bazaar is a busy and crowded place. Customers and carriages rub shoulders with each other. We see many scenes in bazaar like, selling vegetables, fruits, garments, and many stalls of fast food. They all lay their selling goods in raw beside the road. The road may or may not narrow. The stray cattle move freely. The narrow road and crowd may cause of several accidents. Sometimes crowd may be over of its capacity. That enhances activities of pick- pockets. The police man tries to regulate the traffic. On the whole, it is a dirty and crowded place. 


3. Life in a big city


Life in a big city is a life of the heaven for the richest persons, who have ability to do anything. The big city like metro towns promise job, facilities of higher education, medical facilities, better society of educated persons, and many opportunity to make carrier. There are high rise buildings, pucca roads, Picture halls and clubs. Life is very fast. All these things attract people to live here instead of the life of countryside. The big city suits only a fat purse. The weaker sections live in dirty slums or on roadside. For the poor, a big city is a hell in spite of heaven. There is every mean of comfort but not fresh air, the most big cities are polluted. 


                                    4. What you would like to be

I am too young as yet to know my own mind and choose my career. So many things attract me. For example, I admire the  Army officers in uniforms, the doctors in white coats, the pilots  who fly in the sky and the divers who explore the seas. I like Tendulkar also for his brilliant game. But I know my likes and  capabilities. I have an artistic bent of mind. I love to draw pictures  of natural scenes with birds and beast I use water colour on canvas. It is an expensive hobby like photography. I don’t know if  my means would permit me to become a painter like M.F. Hussain.


   5. My hobby / How I spend my leisure

Work is the key to health, happiness and success in life. But over work is sure to kill man as well as donkeys. Work is followed by rest and recreation. A hobby is an activity that we take up for my hand bag. pleasure sake when we have free time. It refreshes us although we still have to work. My hobby is reading and sketching. I read newspaper in the morning and some magazine in the afternoon. Reading enriches my mind. On weekends, I do some sketching. I even make portraits of children and my parents. This creative work gives me great satisfaction.

6. Describing a funny experience


I shall not call that incident truly funny, but you will agree with me that a small monkey making his way into my kitchen through the window bars can create a mess. The entire family had gone to Delhi. We could never imagine that the small space between the bars could let in a monkey. But facts are sometimes stranger than fiction. In our absence, the monkey managed to push himself into the kitchen but could not get out. He started breaking bottles of Jam and Ketch-up and Rooh Afza. He broke China bowls. When we returned in the afternoon, we saw the mess. The monkey made good his escape, and it took us two hours to clean and arrange the things again.


7. The Use of Mobile Phones


      Mobile phones are the gift of science to the modern word. Things which one lad never thought about have become order of the day. Mobile phones have captured the market. In fact expensive and latest hand set has become status symbol. On one hand mobile phones can be very beneficial to trace about the whereabouts of a person. In case of any kind of emergencies the news can be given. Mobile phone is not only a blessing but also a curse SMS messages and cameras lead to many negative effect. We should use mobile only when it is necessary and not for the sake of using it. 



8. The Education of Girl Child


There is no doubt to say that education of girl child is a must in today world. Girls are the future of nation. If we educate a girl then we the whole family. The government is taking tremendous steps to provide universal education. Free scholarships and education is being provides for the girl child. A large amount of money is being spent by the government. The government has been able to attain almost 80% literacy rate. Education has become status symbol and even in the conservative families girls are being sent to school. Gil education has also helped to do away with social stigmas such as Child Marriage, Sati Pratha etc. so we should all take steps to popularize girl education.



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