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Paragraphs Writing : Short Paragraphs for class - VIII - Writing Skill

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Paragraphs Writing


Short Paragraphs for class - VIII


A Visit to Historical Monument


Our school arranged a trip to Agra last week on Saturday. We started this tour by bus via Taj Express. It was three days trip. We were very eager to see the beauty of the Taj Mahal. It is situated at the bank of Yamuna River. After enjoying a very comfortable journey of about two hours, we reached Agra. We stayed here is a big hotel, which was in Agra city. Here, first we took lunch and went for Taj Mahal. All of us were surprised to see the real beauty of the Taj Mahal as we had already read and heard about its wonder. It was really the wonder of world. Using of white marble was great to see for me as a visitor. Our guide explained to us each part of this historical monument in details with the story of Shahjahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal. It was really a sweet memorial. Our next visit was for the Red fort of Agra and Fatehpur Sikri. We were very happy to see these all historicxal places and this trip was very successful as it was educative and entertaining.   

Rising pollution

         Rising pollution is a very big problem for us. It is producing health challenges for all. There are every things we take polluted. We breath polluted air, drink polluted water and eat polluted food. We can not say this confirm that we take every things fresh and non-polluted. Pollution produces many health challenges not only for all creatures but also for our environment. Air pollution is causing way more damage to not only us but to our kids and animals. More and more people are suffering form air pollution. Kids with asthma have such a hard time breathing. They can't even play outside sometimes. Pollution has risen dramatically in past years affecting air pollution to cause the greenhouse effect and health problems, land pollution which causes harm to our environment, and water pollution which impairs water ecosystems. These obstacles cause harm and distress to plants, animals and humans. We have gained in using our resources as well as also gained in many challenges for health. The question is rising that how can we protect us from this enemy. The answer is negative as we have not  any solution regarding our health only one solution will be beneficial that is controlling rising pollution from our environment.     

Importance of Games

A healthy body keeps a healthy mind. The mind performs its best when it is in good order. For this it is necessary to have a physically healthy body. There is no enough time in this running life. What we do to maintain our body and keep it fits? There is no satisfactory answer. We don’t have time for yoga and taking exercise. Then, what to do to overcome on this problem. We have a nice habit since childhood that is game or sport. Games have their own importance to keep the body healthy and fit.

All parts of body take part during game.  There should not any doubt that we can spend our little time for any games and sport. So games have great importance, games are not only interesting and but also they are necessary for health and proper development of our body. Games keep us bodily fit and free from disease or illness. We learn to remain active and smart by playing. Thus, games cure us of laziness and make us physically as well as mentally alert.  

Games are also a great source of recreation. It also develops our personality as well as patience and tolerance. What happens when we win any game, there is no measuring of those happinesses.  All games like Cricket, Hockey, Football, Kabbadi, Volleyball and badminton give our body a natural exercise as our body moves in same manner as we do in our daily life’s work. Really games and sports have so many importances for human life and these have been an importance part of life.



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