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CBSE And NCERT Solutions:

Letters Writing : Letters for class VIII - Writing Skill

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Letters Writing


Letters for class VIII


1. Letter to your parents telling them about your well being (अपनी कुशलता के बारे में )

Examination Hall,

March 4, 2015,  


Dear Mamma,

           I know that you always worry about me and you become ill. How I explain you that I am so much well being here. Our hostel is a perfect place for studies as well as discipline. I have some good friends here. They love me and take care of need of each other. You need not worry about my studies; I obtained good marks in second terminal examination. My teacher always keeps me in studying and helps to keep healthy. You should assure that I am well being here. I can look after myself.

With best regards and love,

Yours truly,


2.  Application to the principal requesting him/her for arranging music classes.


The Principal,

S K V Mohan Garden,

New Delhi - 110059


Sub: For arranging music classes,



            On the behalf of class 7th of your school, we requested to you to arrange music classes in the school as all students are interested in singing and dancing. We want that the classes are arranged in recess - period.

            So please we request to arrange music classes as soon as possible. We shall be great thank-full to you forever.

Thanking you

Yours obediently


3. Write a letter to your younger brother advising him to take care of his health.


Examination Hall

G B S S 

Mohan Garden

New Delhi – 59

Dated : 6th Feb. 2014


Dear brother,


            I have received your lovely letter just two days before, you had told that you had been ill for a weak. This has disappointed me about your health. It is said “health is wealth” so I advised you to take care of your health. You must go to walk early in morning. It refreshes your mind and keeps you healthy. You must take meal in time and you should wash your hand before each meal. Never use contaminated food and junk food like samosha, chawmeen, burgger etc.

            Please pay my best compliments to my dear respected mother and father and love to Sonam. Their love and affection will remain fresh in my mind forever.

Yours lovingly


4. Letter to the SHO – Complaining about the theft of bicycle.



The Police Station

Uttam Nagar

New Delhi -59


Sub: Complaining about the theft of bicycle.



            Most respectfully I beg to say that I am student of GBSS Mohan garden. I have lost my bicycle from my school compound during class period. It was ranger cycle and red in colour. When I came to place where I locked my bicycle, I did not find it when the last bell went on. I asked many of my friends and complained to principal but result did not come out sufficient. At last I came to your kind door.

            Therefore I request you to find out my bicycle. I shall be great thankful to you.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully




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