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CBSE And NCERT Solutions:

Voice ( Active and Passive) : Passive Voice Exercise : type 2 - English Grammar

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Student's BagEnglish GrammarVoice ( Active and Passive)⇒Passive Voice Exercise : type 2

Voice ( Active and Passive)


Passive Voice Exercise : type 2


Passive Voice Exercise:

4. Change in to passive voice.

  1. He respects me.
  2. Who vexes you?
  3. What do you eat?
  4. What do they want?
  5. Where does the farmer reap the harvest?
  6. Who calls you at night?
  7. Mohan tells stories.
  8. I see a bird.
  9. He likes apples.
  10. You write poems.

5. Change in to passive voice.

  1. She uses my nice carpet when I absent.
  2. My little Pomy moves his curved tail when I go after him.
  3. Which word troubles you when I talk with you?
  4. The sun gives us light and energy.
  5. The moon provides us its golden light.
  6. He has a red kite.
  7. I have a large mango tree in garden.
  8. He reads English reader.
  9. You demand a five rupees note.
  10. Ram sees everyday Hindi movie at his home.

6. Change in to passive voice

  1. When does my mother call me to have breakfast?
  2. I operate my computer my self.
  3. They do not pluck flowers.
  4. Where do you live in Delhi?
  5. How does she behave with you?
  6. Who threats him in school?
  7. The monkey jumps on one branch to another branch.
  8. The dog barks at every night.
  9. Why do we not celebrate our birth day?
  10. Meera does not open the door.

7. Change into passive voice.     

  1. Why does she eat ripe mango?
  2. He sends me to beat him.
  3. We do not take part in that meeting.
  4. Who teaches you at your home?
  5. Rekha loves you very much.
  6. The police arrest the thieves.
  7. I always solve my question my self.
  8. The cat catches a little mouse.
  9. Why does the teacher punish Manish in the class room?
  10. Nabab flies his golden colored kite in the sky.



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