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CBSE And NCERT Solutions:

Voice ( Active and Passive) : Passive Voice Exercise : type 3 - English Grammar

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Student's BagEnglish GrammarVoice ( Active and Passive) ⇒Passive Voice Exercise : type 3

Voice ( Active and Passive)


Passive Voice Exercise : type 3



Asserative Sentences: 

1. Change into passive voice:

1. He is making a bed.

2. Sita was selling fruits.

3. I opened a window.

4. They carry luggage.

5. She had broken her pen.

6. Deepa loves her mother.

7. She will visit Mumbai.

8.  you have taken breakfast.

9. We flew kites.

10. He prays God. 

1. Change into passive voice:

  1. I am taking tea.
  2. We are reading our lessons.
  3. You are telling a lie.
  4. He is not beating me.
  5. She is not running a race.
  6. They are painting pictures.
  7. Mohan is speaking the truth.
  8. He is plucking flowers.
  9. Ram is making a kite.
  10. She is feeding the baby.
  11. The farmers are not ploughing the fields.
  12. She is not doing anything.
  13. Are you helping the poor?
  14. Why are you not giving a test?
  15. The prizes are being given away by the principal. 


1. Change into passive voice.  

  1. We have missed the bus.
  2. Shyam has helped me.
  3. I have bought a new book.
  4. Ram has not spoken the truth.
  5. He has sold his house.
  6. We have taken bath.
  7. We have learnt the poem.
  8. He has not taken tea.
  9. He has seen the Taj Mahal many times.
  10. She has forgiven me.

 2. Change into passive voice. 

  1. I have spent all my money.
  2. He has broken the window – pane.
  3. Has Mamta spoiled your dresses?
  4.  Have you lost your game?
  5. Why have you torn the letter?
  6. When has Rita brought this pen?
  7. Has she not kept the box?
  8. Have they not respected their elder?
  9. Why have you not kept your promise?
  10. When have boys spoiled their shoes?


 1. Change into passive voice.  

  1. We spoke the truth.
  2. She drove a car.
  3. He drank milk.
  4. The boys made a noise.
  5. I did not like the book.
  6. They crossed the road.
  7. I did not abuse him.
  8. The peon did not ring the bell in time.
  9. Ram did not obey his teacher.
  10. The policeman caught him red – handed.

 2. Change into passive voice.  

  1. Sohrab threw the ball.
  2. He employed two hundred workmen.
  3. Why did you eat my share of sweets?
  4. Who abused you yesterday?
  5. Where did she wash her clothes?
  6. When did he bring your lunch?
  7. Why did I not kill him?
  8. Did they play cricket?
  9. Did you ride a horse?
  10. Did she not take breakfast?

3. Change into passive voice.

1. I helped you.
2. You helped me.
3. She loved me.
4. 1 loved her.
5. He bought a car. 
6. They ate mangoes. 
7. Ram killed a tiger. 
8. The peon rang the bell.
9. Our team won the match.
10. Mohan broke the glass.  
11. He finished the work soon.  
12. The police caught the thief. 
13. Somebody broke my window. 
14. Mohan killed four birds.
15. They looted the house yesterday. 
16. She abused me. 
17. The doctor examined the patient. 
18. We cut the tree.  


1. Change into passive voice.     

1. He was helping me. 
2. They were cutting trees.
3. She was singing a song.
4. Ram was teaching her.

5. My son was cleaning the car.
6. They were cutting trees. 
7. We were playing the match.
8. Nobody was answering the question.
9. You were watching the match.
10. They were repairing the bridge.

2. Change into passive voice.     

  1. He was building a house.
  2. She was teaching me.
  3. We were drinking milk.
  4. They were chasing the thief.
  5. She was ironing her clothes.
  6. They were playing a game.
  7. You were not writing a letter.
  8. Ram was not selling his old car.
  9. He was not plucking the flowers.
  10. You were not writing a story book.
  11. We were not learning his lesson.
  12. Was Reena teasing the dog?
  13. Why was the peon not posting the letters?
  14. Whom were you abusing? 
  15. I was selling my house. 


1. Change into passive voice.     

  1. Raju will have made a plan.
  2. Gopi will have sent a letter to his father.
  3. You will not have abused me.
  4. Will she have missed the train?
  5. Why shall we have water the plants?
  6. When will they have caught a thief?
  7. She will have gotten a best friend.
  8. He will have received my letter.  

Misclenious Exercise

B. Change into passive voice.

1. We are taking rest. 

2. She listens music at home. 

3. I have changed my dresses.

4. You will read this book. 

5. They crossed the limit of waiting. 

6. I always buy tofees for my younger brother. 

7. He is breaking his all windows. 

8. The teacher should help students. 

9. I can defeat him. 

10. You lost your money yesterday. 

C. Change into passive voice.

1. I shall make  a plan.

2. You are closing gate.

3. You learn your lesson.

4. I keep my promise. 

5. He sent him jail.

6. I wrote a letter to him.

7. Gita misses you.

8. They abuse him.

9. The rain ruined the crops.

10. We recover the lended money. 

Negative Sentences

A. Change into passive voice:

1. He does not wash his hands. 

2. She could not help me. 

3. I was not collecting rappers. 

4. They had not completed this work. 

5. Deepu will not play football today. 

6. We do not solve any question.

7. My mother is not preparing tea for me. 

8. Mr. Das did not wait me for half an hour. 

9. Kavita has not sent the letter.  

10. My Friend will not be seeing movie. 

B. Change into passive voice:

1. She did not demand coffee.

2. I am not telling a lie. 

3. He has written a letter. 

4. The cow does not give milk. 

5. My father did not take drinks. 

6. Suman will not be selling her mobile phone. 

7. Moti was not watching television. 

8. Aditya does not want fighting. 

9. He has not made any plan.

10. They had already sent a letter.



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