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CBSE And NCERT Solutions:

Noun : Nouns As numbers and Genders - English Grammar

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Student's BagEnglish GrammarNoun⇒Nouns As numbers and Genders



Nouns As numbers and Genders


Handling Nouns:

Nouns are handled as Numbers and as Genders

संज्ञा को वचन के रूप में और लिंग के रूप में प्रबंधन किया जाता है | 

Numbers of Nouns (संज्ञा का वचन): 

Notes: Modern classification के अनुसार uncountable nouns  का numbers नहीं होते हैं | 

Noun which tells its number one or more than one is called number.

There are two kinds of number;

(I) Singular Number : The noun which tells only one number in counting this is called singular number.  

Example: boy, girl, toy, book, pen, mouse, wire, mobile etc. 

(II) Plural Number: The noun which tells number more than one is plural number. 

Example: boys, girls, toys, books, pens, mouses, wires, mobile etc. 

(II) Plural Number 

Genders of nouns (संज्ञा का लिंग):

All nouns can be classified under Genders; i.e

(i) Masculine Genders : Male Nouns refer to Masculine genders, like brother, Father, Ox, Dog, boy and hero etc. 

(ii) Feminine Genders : Female nouns refer to Feminine genders, like sister, Mother, cow, girls and heroine etc. 

(iii) Common Genders: Common genders are those nouns which can be either male or female, like teacher, baby, neighbor, guardian and parent etc. 

(iv) Neuter Genders: Neuter Genders are non-living nouns, like stone, rocks, kite, book, pen, building, hydrogen and pencil etc. 

Common Genders 

  • bird,
  • cat,
  • cattle,
  • child,
  • companion,
  • comrade,
  • cousin,
  • dancer,
  • deer,
  • friend,
  • guardian,
  • guest,
  • infant,
  • owner,
  • parent,
  • passenger,
  • pig,
  • president,
  • pupil,
  • relative,
  • sheep,
  • singer,
  • student,
  • swan,
  • teacher,
  • baby,



Topic Lists:

Student's BagEnglish GrammarNoun⇒Nouns As numbers and Genders

इस पाठ के अन्य दुसरे विषय भी देखे :

1. Definition and Classification of Noun

2. Nouns As numbers and Genders

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