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CBSE And NCERT Solutions:

Word Transformation : Examination Based 1 - Applied English

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Student's BagApplied EnglishWord Transformation⇒Examination Based 1

Word Transformation


Examination Based 1


Word Transformation

1. Choose the best words from the given options to complete the following passage. Write the correct answers in the answer sheet against the correct blank numbers. Do not copy the passage.

The importance(a)______the agricultural sector for economic development as (b)______ source of support of both labour and food to growing urban (c)_________ areas has received a good deal of attention in recent analyses of economic growth. Without (d)________ organization of existing factors and proper application of new techniques in agriculture, supplies of agricultural products are frequently not adequate to meet the increasing demand.

(a) (i) of (ii) for (iii) into (iv) to

(b) (i) the (ii) a (iii) an (iv) any

(c) (i) industrialised (ii) industrial (iii) industrious (iv) industrialisation

(d) (i) improving (ii) improvement (iii) improved (iv) improve 

Q2. Complete the following passage by choosing the correct answers from options given below. 

Last evening I reached home late. After taking dinner, I (a) ____________ to bed as had (b) ___________  an early morning,flight to mumbai. ihad slept only for an hour or so when I heard someone (c) ____________ at door. It is not my habit, (d)  __________ someone (e) ___________ for me at the door for long, so, i got up at once, (f) ______________ the door, and I was suprised (g) _______________  my friend, mukta (h) __________ a basket of flower in her hand. She wanted to greet my on my birthday.

(a)      (i) retrining           (ii) retire          (iii) retired    (iv) retriement

(b)      (i) caught             (ii) to catch      (iii) catching (iv) catches

(c)      (i) it knock           (ii) knocked      (iii) knocking (iv) had knocked 

(d)      (i) to have kept    (ii) kept            (iii) had kept  (iv) to keep

(e)      (i) waiting             (ii) waited        (iii) wait         (iv) is wait

(f)       (i) opened            (ii) to open       (iii) opening  (iv) had opened   

(g)      (i) saw                  (ii) seen           (iii) to see   (iv) sees 

(h)      (i) carried             (ii) carry           (iii) to carrying  (iv) carrying

Q3. Fill in the blanks with the apropriate options given below the paragraphs;

Positive attitude (a) _________ (help) us a lot in overcomeing our anxiety. No one is free from tension. But it depends on our outlook how problems (b) __________ (llok) upon by us. If everyone realises that (c) ___________ (solve) lies in hope and faith, these qualities (d) ______________ (develop). The only thing (e) __________ (require) is (f) ______________ (believe) on oneself. 

(a) (i) helps (ii) helping (iii) helped (iv) helpful
(b) (i) looking (ii) are looking (iii) are looked (iv) looked
(c) (i) solving (ii) solution (iii) solved (iv) solves
(d) (i) develop (ii) are developing (iii) develops (iv) developed
(e) (i) requiring (ii) requires (iii) required (iv) requirement
(f) (i) believing (ii) having believed (iii) believer (iv) belief



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Student's BagApplied EnglishWord Transformation⇒Examination Based 1

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