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CBSE And NCERT Solutions:

Voice [Active - Passive] : Voice on Modals - Applied English

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Student's BagApplied EnglishVoice [Active - Passive]⇒Voice on Modals

Voice [Active - Passive]


Voice on Modals


Passive Voive on Modals

Rule : 

Active Voice Structure: 

Sub + modal + V1 + object. 

E.g: I can win the match. 

Passive Voice Structure:

Subject (Object) + Modal + be + V1 + by + object (Subject). 

E.g: The match can be win by me. 


Active    : I can solve this.

Passive : This can be solved by me. 

Active   : The teacher should punish him.

Passive : He should be punished by the teacher. 

Active    : Mohan will take exercise.

Passive : Exercise will be taken by Mohan. 

Active    : She must help the poor.

Passive : The poor must be helped by her.

Exercise on Asserative sentence:  

Change the following sentences into passive voice. 

1. I can speak English fluently. 

2. He would go to Mumbai. 

3. Radha can dance very well.

4. My father may pay money for this. 

5. Deepak should play hockey.

6. You could manage this.

7. They must try this chance. 

8. She might pass this examination. 

9. I shall buy a car. 

10. He must inform the police. 

Exercise on Negative Sentences: 

Change the following sentences into passive voice. 

1. We should not paly music at home. 

2. He has not to do this work.

3. You should not make a noise.

4. I cannot help you.

5. Indian team may not win the match. 

6. The girl cannot lift this box.

7. The government would not help us

8. We shall not send information. 

9. A little boy could not do this task. 

10. Every body should love his country.



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