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CBSE And NCERT Solutions:

Prepositions : Type 4 - Applied English

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Student's BagApplied EnglishPrepositions⇒Type 4



Type 4




A. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions:

1.  One day I go (a) --------- play (b) ----------my friend (c) ------- a play ground .My all friends sat (d) -------- a large tree. I said (e) -------them .I have made a plan (f) ------- you”. But they did not agree (g) -------- my proposal .


2.  My uncle came out (a) --------his house. He saw the police were runing (b) ----------a thief. He looked (c) ----------- that man . He was his friend Mohan. He went (d) ------------ them and  asked (e) ------------ the matter . A policeman told them that he had stolen the statue (f) ------------- a temple.

3.  I was born (a) -------------- Mumbai (b) ------------- Bandra (c) ------------- 13th December (d) ----------- 1992. Now I am working (e) ---------- a `private form .The form deals (f) ---------- papers. I always go to office (g) ----------10a.m. There is a competition (h) ----------two foreign companies. Its all (i) ---------- mistake. I could not understand what the mystery (j) ---------- matter was.









Topic Lists:

Student's BagApplied EnglishPrepositions⇒Type 4

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