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CBSE And NCERT Solutions:

Jumble The words : Simple Sentence - Applied English

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Student's BagApplied EnglishJumble The words⇒Simple Sentence

Jumble The words


Simple Sentence


Q1. Rearrange the following the following of form meaningful sentance. the first one has been done done as a example for you.

survey/ shown/ the/ that/ bills/ medical/ of/ vegetrians/ lower/ considerably/ non- vegetrains/ the/ have are/ then those of

Survey have shown that medical bills of vegetrains are are considerably lower then those of the non- vegetrains. 

(a)  protection/ vegetarinism/ from/ disease/ coronary/ offers

(b) It/ helps/ of/ management / the/ disease/ the/ gastro-intestinal

(c) is/ it/ for/ suitable/ insulin/ non- insulin/ dependent/ and/ diabetics

(d) use/ as/ a/ part/ major/ their/of /nephorlogist / it/ diet.  

Q2.  Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentenses. The first one has been done for you as an example. Write the answers against the correct blank numbers inyour answer sheet. The first has been done for you. 

E.g. Youngsters / get / to set / you.

You get to see youngsters. 

(a) just out / searching / school / desperately / for / right / of / the / college.

(b) There is / the / then / problem of / the / choosing / best / of / combination / courses. 

(c) dilemma / are / a / in / students

Q3. Reordering of words/ phrases into meaningful sentences.

(i) sons/ people / handy / in / in / say/ age / come / old/ that
(ii) been true/ old age / so / would not / many / had that / homes/ opened / have
(iii) remain / sons/ cars / have / and yet / bungalows / parents / old age / and / in / homes.


(i) People say that sons come in handy in old age.
(ii) Had that been true, so many old age homes would not have opened.
(iii) Sons have cars and bunglows and yet, parents remain in old age homes.

Q4. Reordering of words/ phrases into meaningful sentences.

(i) girl / Archana / hardworking / is / a.
(ii) go / wants / she / to / abroad / study / and / there.
(iii) wants / doctor / she/ become / to / a.


(i) Archana is a hardworking girl.
(ii) She wants to go abroad and study there.
(iii) She wants to become a doctor.

Q5. Reordering of words/ phrases into meaningful sentences.

(i) Carbondioxode / the / consumed / plants / by / is / food.
(ii) of / absorb / plants / Carbondioxode / leaves / green/ trees / and.
(iii) to / starch / the / used / make / Carbon / is.


(i) Carbondioxide is the food consumed by plants.

(ii) Green leaves of plants and trees absorb Carbondioxide.

(iii) Carbon is used to make the starch.

Q6. Reordering of words/ phrases into meaningful sentences.

(i) the / Indian / farmers / exploited / were / the / by / British.
(ii) had / farmers / pay / to / the / taxes / high.
(iii) farmers / felt / the / helpless / as / tough/ faced/ they / times. 


(i) The Indian farmers were exploited by the British.

(ii) Farmers had to pay the high taxes.

(iii) The farmers felt helpless as they faced tough times.


a) beverag / is / coffee/ a / people / enjoy / which / drinking/ most
b) people / do/ know / majority / of / not/ is / how / made / coffee
c) coffee / making / the / of / process / complex / very / is




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Student's BagApplied EnglishJumble The words⇒Simple Sentence

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