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CBSE And NCERT Solutions:

Connectors : Simple Use Type 8 - Applied English

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Student's BagApplied EnglishConnectors⇒Simple Use Type 8



Simple Use Type 8


   Combine the following pairs pair of sentences using the

    sentences connecters given in the brackets.


     1.   (a) The iron is hot.   (while)

   Strike it now.

     (b)  The market is closed.       (as)

   We cannot buy anything.

     2.   (a)  He sold his bicycle.           (because)

   It had become very old.     

            (b)  Do not leave home.          (until)     

    It does not stop raining.

      (c)   I shall  give you in writing.         (since)

              You desire it.

      3.   (a)   He is very weak.                      (as)

     He cannot pull with the class.

            (b)   You will not get the telephone number.         (unless)

      You put a coin in the slot first.

      4.    (a)   A fight broke into the bus.              (because)

                     A young boy refused to buy a ticket.

             (b)   The teacher entered the class.      (as soon as )

                     The children became quiet.

      5.   (a)   He broke his leg.                 (Just because)

                     He slipped on the road.   

             (b)   I shall give you in black and white.   (since)

                     You desire it.

             (c)    The market is closed.                (since)

                      We cannot buy anything.

      6.    (a)    I shall sign the documents.       (Just because)

                      My father wants that.

             (b)    The train was crossing the bridge.      (while)

                       The accident took place then.

             (c)     Some students have finished their work.     (as)

                      They are allowed to go home.

      7.    (a)    The streets are wet.     (Just because)  

                       It is raining.

            (b)       You say so.         (since)

                         I believe it.

      8.   (a)        The lion was wandering through the jungle. (while)

                          He saw a tiger.

            (b)         His wife died.          (since)

                          It is now five years after that.

            (c)          Polyphemus ate up the two men.    (while)

                          The other Greeks watched. 

      9.   (a)          I gave up smoking.           (since)

                           It is now two tears after that.  

            (b)           Do not leave home.            (until)

                            It does not stop raining.

            (c)           I did not attend the function.    (as)

                            I was not invited to it.



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