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CBSE And NCERT Solutions:

Connectors : Simple Use Type 7 - Applied English

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Student's BagApplied EnglishConnectors⇒Simple Use Type 7



Simple Use Type 7


  1. Using ‘due to’:-
  1. I could not attend the meetings.

         I was ill.

(b)    She is poor.

         She cannot buy a new car.

  1. He is old.

He cannot walk properly.

  1. Using ‘either ……… or’.
  1. The animal may be a fish.

It may be a snake.

  1. Mohan may have broken the table.

Sohan may have broken the table.

  1. He may be ill.

He may be out of station.

  1. Using ‘neither………nor’.
  1. I do not like Maths.   ]

I do not like science.

      (b)    She does not like tea.

               She does not like coffee.

      (c)     He is not intelligent.

                He is not industrious.

      (d)     The principal has not come.

          The clerk has not come.

(e)     Suresh did not come.

         Mahesh did not come.

  1. Using ‘but ; although ; though’ :-
  1. My grandmother is over eighty.

All her teeth are intact.                (Use ; though )

  1. He is very old.

He still enjoys good health.         (Use ; but )

  1. He is very wealthy.

He is still discontented.                (Use ; although )

  1. Using ‘Otherwise’:-
  1. Make haste.

         You will be late.

  1. Do it.

         I shall punish you.

(c)     She must weep.

         She will die. 


      11.   Using ‘as’.

  1. His wife burnt the toast.

She got angry.

  1. Our team won the match.

The Principal gave us a holiday.

  1. I could not find the key.

         I broke open the box.

12.    Using ‘as soon as ’.

(a)    He finished his breakfast.

         He went to the office.

     (b)     You will hear the signal.

          Start immediately.

  1. I got his address.

         Immediately I went to see him.

  1. Using ‘than’.
  1. She is tall.

         Her sister is not so tall.  

  1. Hydrogen is light.

         Air is not so light.

  1. A wise enemy is good.

A foolish friend is not so good.  

      14.    Using ‘when’.

       (a)    I went to her house.

                It was raining.

 (b)    She came to my house.

         I was reading a newspaper then.



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