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CBSE And NCERT Solutions:

NCERT Books Solutions for Class 6 Science english Medium 1. FOOD: WHERE DOES IT COME FROM

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NCERT SolutionsClass 6th Science Chapter 1. FOOD: WHERE DOES IT COME FROM
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Important Questions with solution


Important Questions With Solution

Q1 : Name two main sources of food materials.

Ans :

  1. Plants
  2. Animals

Q2 : Write the name of food materials obtained from plants?

Ans : All grains like wheat, rice, pea and fruits and vegetables.

Q3 : Write the name of food materials obtained from animals?

Ans : Milk, eggs, meat, chicken, fish, prawns, beef, pork and such others, which come from animals.

Q4 : What are ingredients?

Ans : The components of any food items are known as ingredients. Like milk, rice, sugar and water are ingredients of food item Kheer.

Q5 : Write the name of source of ingredients which are used to cook food item Chicken Curry.

Ans : Plants and Animals.

Q6 : What are edible parts?

Ans : The eatable parts of plants are known as edible parts.

Q7 : Write the name of edible parts of plants?

Ans : fruits, flowers, leaves, stems and roots are the edible parts of plants.

Q8 : What is germination?

Ans : The growth of baby plant from a seed is known as germination.

Q9 : What is nectar?

Ans : Nectar is sweet juice of flowers collected by bee which gets converted into honey.

Q10 : Where do bees collect their honey?

Ans : Bees collect their honey in their hive.

Q11 : Write the variety of animals which are classified under taking food?

Ans : The variety of animals which are classified under taking food;

  1. Herbivores
  2. Carnivores
  3. Omnivores

Q12 : What are Herbivores?

Ans : Animals which eat only plants or plant’s products are known as herbivores. Like cow, deer and buffalo etc.

Q13 : What are carnivores?

Ans : Animals which eat only animals or animal’s products are known as carnivores.

Q14 : What are omnivores?

Ans : Animals which eat both plants and animals. These are called omnivores.



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