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1. FOOD: WHERE DOES IT COME FROM : Chapter Review Science class 6th:English Medium NCERT Book Solutions

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Chapter Review

Chapter Review:

  • There are food items like milk, eggs, meat, chicken, fish, prawns, beef, pork and such others, which come from animals.
  • The main sources of our food are plants and animals.
  • Animals which eat only plants are called herbivores.
  • Animals which eat only animals are called carnivores.
  • All grains like wheat, rice, pea and fruits and vegetables.
  • The components of any food items are known as ingredients.
  • The eatable parts of plants are known as edible parts.
  • The growth of baby plant from a seed is known as germination.
  • Bees collect their honey in their hive.
  • Nectar is sweet juice of flowers collected by bee which gets converted into honey. 

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