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CBSE And NCERT Materials:

Unit Test Papers for Class 7 Science english Medium 1. Nutrition in Plants

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Student's BagUnit TestClass 7th Science 1. Nutrition in Plants
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1. Nutrition in Plants


Unit test - I


ATP Education 

Unit Test Paper 

Science-VII (Chapter - 1) 


Timing: 1 hour                                  Maximum Marks: 20 

All questions are compulsory:

One Mark Ques: 

Q1. Name a insectivorous plant. 
Q2. Which mode of nutrition occurs in man? 
Q3. Name the green pigment which is found in leaves. 
Q4. How are algae make their food. 
Q5. Name two organisms that intake Saprotrophic mode of nutrition.
Q6. Write one function of stomata.

Three marks Each:  

Q7. Why do organisms need food?
Q8. What is autotrophic nutrition? Give an example of the organism in which nutrition occurs by autotrophic  mode.

Four Marks Each:  

Q9. What is symbiotic relationship? Explain with example. 
Q10. Define 
     (1) Stomata
     (2) Parasite



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Topic Lists:

Student's BagUnit TestClass 7th Science 1. Nutrition in Plants

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