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CBSE And NCERT Solutions:

CBSE Notes for Class 7 Science english Medium 1. Nutrition in Plants

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CBSE NotesClass 7th Science Chapter 1. Nutrition in Plants:
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1. Nutrition in Plants





(1) Need to take food: 

(a) Get energy to do work.

(b) Build up body.

(c) Repair damages in the body.

(d) Maintain the function of the body.

(2) Plant obtain nitrogen: soil is certain bacteria that convert gaseous nitrogen int a usable from and release int the soil. These soluble plant are absrbed by the plant along with water.

(3) Photosynthesis: The procees of which green plant make their food from  water and carbob dixide in presence of sunlight is called  Photosynthesis.

(4) Chlorophyll: Is a green pigment fund in plants which help is phtoosynthesis.

(5) Autotrops: organisam that can make their own food are called autotrophs or producers.



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CBSE NotesClass 7th Science Chapter 1. Nutrition in Plants:

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