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CBSE Notes for class 6 th


1. Food: Where does it come from : Notes - Keypoints Science class 6th:English Medium NCERT Book Solutions

NCERT Books Subjects for class 6th Hindi Medium

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1. Food: Where does it come from


Notes - Keypoints

Chapter-1. Food where does it come? 

Notes (Science -VI) 


1. Ingredients: The components of any food items. Like milk, rice, sugar, and ingredients of food item kheer.

2. Sources of food materials:

(i) Plant sources of food materials.

(ii)  Animal sources of food materials.

3. Food material from plants: wheat, rice, pea, fruits and vegetables are Food material of plants.

4. Source of ingredients:

(i) Plant sources of ingredients 

Examples: Wheat, rice, pulse, 

(ii) Animal sources of ingredients.

5. Edible parts: The eatable parts of plants is known as edible parts.

6. Edible parts of plants: fruits, flowers, leaves, stems and roots are edible parts of plants.

Germination: The growing of seeds into baby plants is called germintion.

Germination of Mung: 

Grmination of Gram

7. Nectar: Sweet juices of flower collected by bee which gets converted into honey.

8. Hive: Bees collected their honey in hive.

9. The verities of animals that taking foods:

Verity of animals which taking foods are:

(i) Herbivores

(ii) Carnivores

(iii) Omnivores 

10. Herbivores: Animals which eat only plants. Like cow, deer, elephant and etc.

11. Carnivores: Animals which eat only flash. Like tiger, lion, bear and etc.

12. Omnivores: Animals which eat both. Like crows , dogs , human beings and etc.

13. Germination: The growth of baby plants from a seed is known as germination.

14. Foods obtained from animals: Milk, eggs, chicken, fish, prawns, beef, pork and such others.

15. Sprouted: A small white structure may have grown out of the seed.

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