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Chapter 1. Political Theory: An Introduction : Chapter-1 Political Science-II class 11th:English Medium NCERT Book Solutions

NCERT Books Subjects for class 11th Hindi Medium

Chapter 1. Political Theory: An Introduction



Political science (Part-2) 

Chapter 1. An Introduction to Political Theory 

Twin aspects of human dignity is rooted in political theory, which analyzes certain basic questions . 

like - 

(I) how society should be organized? 

(Ii) Why do we need government? 

(Iii) Which is the best government? 

(Iv) that the law limits our freedom? 

(V) on the state towards its citizens of what is owed? 

(Vi) what our obligations as citizens of a -dusre is? 

Political theory explores such questions and to infuse the political life of freedom, equality and justice as well as the idea that the values ​​of . 

The task of political theory: 

Political theory is the following: 

(I) certain fundamental questions in political theory analyzes .

(Ii) to infuse the political life of freedom, equality and justice as well as the idea that the values ​​of . 

(Iii) the meaning and importance of other concepts related to political interpretation .

(Iv) the major political thinkers of the past and present by placing the center clarifies existing definitions of these concepts . 

(V) the school, shop, bus, train or government office related to daily life, such as the expansion of institutions of freedom or equality is also a test of reality . 

(Vi) The aim of political theory to political questions about citizens reasonable and timely manner Soncne correctly assess political events gives training . 

What is politics ? 

Politics is the art and science of governance . 

The work of the state: 

(I) to establish law and order . 

(Ii) the ideological or cultural work .

(Iii) Economic Affairs .

(Iv) to liaise with other nations, namely the International Working . 

The importance of the study of political theory:

(I) any person that is being used in the work .

(Ii) the rights and duties of the knowledge .

(Iii) make liberal political theory, our approach . 

(Iv) increase the ability of the brain is logical . 

False notion of the political: 

(i) other people related to politics and politics Davpenc connecting requirements and 
fulfilling ambitions are engaged in a vicious cycle.

(Ii) that some politicians defections, false promises or exaggerated claims, manipulating from various quarters, the private interest is trained and then they see violence as Drinit politics is confused . 

(Iii) some corruption scandals plundered and understand politics, they do scam to loot the country's politics . 

(Iv) in different walks of life in every possible way when we see people engaged in managing their own interests, then we say that they are doing politics. If we are to remain a player in the team of his father as a manipulator or a classmate use or to a colleague in the office thoughtless boss shaking see yes, we say he ' dirty 'politics is.

Important and integral part of any society's politics: 

Activities related to politics are associated with each of our lives . To create a better society and world politics, we should definitely be included . Important and integral part of any society is because politics . 

The right to equality does not provide a level playing field: 

Opportunities: Opportunity, a condition which makes it possible for you to do something you want to . 

But all are not profitable opportunity provided, there are some difficulties in achieving these opportunities . For example, have the right to equality before the law for all . But the similarities fade only possible when we have sufficient resources to achieve equality law be obtained . We all know that we have to get justice from the law of court costs and lawyers have to pay hefty sums . If we do not have enough money, we sometimes fall short in the justice . That does not provide a level playing field to Equality . 

Required for the successful conduct of democratic political theory: 

(I) to be aware of citizens in a democracy is very important, this kind of awareness, the knowledge we receive from political theory .

(Ii) democracy, equality, freedom and justice is based on the theory that the liberal approach is based on politics . 

(Iii) political principles and policies systematically reflects those ideas, which our social life, government and constitution is shaped .

(Iv) the rule of law in a democratic political theory, the division of powers and judicial review that meaningful policies that include checks . 

(V) political theory thinkers past and present is based on ideas and principles based on which is the origin of the constitutional documents .These documents are based on the successful operation of democracy is nowadays . 

Gandhi's views on politics: 

Mahatma Gandhi once remarked that politics is kept pinned us like the coil of a snake and it has no other way but to fight . 


(E). One Mark Question: 

Q1. What do you mean by political theory? 

Q2. Explain the importance of political theory? 

Q3. Politics and political science, explain the difference? 

(Ii) Two Marks Questions: 

Q1. Political theory study is useful for us how?
Q2. Disputes may be resolved by political arguments. 
Q3. Political theory to read mathematics may be similar or not? 
Q4. What politics is an undesirable activity? Explain.

Q5. "Politics is the most important politician who do . ' Do you agree with this statement ? Give examples . 

(Iii) four Marks questions: 

Q1. Successful operation of democracy political theory is highly desirable. Please type these causes? 
Q2. Political principles does he need to study? Explain . 
Q3. Political principle of equality and freedom is very relevant to finding a solution to the questions. 
Q4. Political theory and the solution is very relevant to find solutions to questions related to freedom. 
Q5. Put the light on Gandhi's ideas about politics? 
Q6. How politics affects our daily lives? Examples of your routine 
Q7. Rousseau, Marx and Gandhi's views, brief comment Please type these days?

K8. Successful operation of democracy, citizens must be aware of .Please comment .

Q9. Liberal political theory makes us . Top four arguments in support of this statement . 

(Iv) six-Marks Question: 

Q1. Politics and political science are two different content from each other, yet how 
related? Please type these. 
Q2. What politics is only limited to the activities of politicians? Hilt 
Explain .

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