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CBSE And NCERT Solutions:

CBSE Notes for Class 11 Political Science chapter Chapter 1. CONSTITUTION: WHY AND HOW in english Medium

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CBSE NotesClass 11th Political Science Chapter Chapter 1. CONSTITUTION: WHY AND HOW:





Constitution :

Rules and rule of law in a country that is run by the help of which the book is called The Constitution 
Equitable constitution: the Constitution justified the constitution which called for peace, prosperity, justice and happy life to the ideals of rendering 
Effective Constitution: The Constitution of the test to be effective is that it exists only on paper But by the rulers to realize them on the ground and do according to the framework of the Constitution, the Constitution of the effective constitution says such 
Constitution Source:
The source of the constitution, mainly comes from the Constitution of the five countries is the following:
(I) the British Constitution
(A) parliamentary form of government, a choice based on Snvadikmt
(B) the idea of the rule of law
(C) the role of the legislature and the presidency
(D) the method of lawmaking
(Ii) of the US Constitution
(A) the list of fundamental rights
(B) freedom of judicial review
(Iii) of the Constitution of Ireland
(A) Directive Principles of State Policy
(Iv) of the French Constitution
(A) freedom, the principle of equality and fraternity
(V) of the Constitution of Canada
(A) a semi-federal form of government (Strong Central Government)
(B) the principle of non-specific powers
Constituent Assembly :
December 9, 1946, the Constituent Assembly began its session Dr. Rajendra Prasad 0 lime and chairman of the drafting committee of the Constituent Assembly chairman Dr BR Ambedkar was elected 0 
The Constituent Assembly was formed by Muslim communal chose the Muslim and Sikh Sikh chosen In the Constituent Assembly, heads of all sections of society are represented in the Indirect electoral system for the Constituent Assembly adopted Congress had prominence in the Constituent Assembly and was the nominal number of members of the opposition Congress, Hindu Mahasabha, Forward Bloc, Muslim League and consisted mainly.




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CBSE NotesClass 11th Political Science Chapter Chapter 1. CONSTITUTION: WHY AND HOW:

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